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    隨著新冠疫情(COVID-19)的全球大流行和傳播,疫情防控形勢日益嚴峻,在國內外市場對于防疫物資急需的大環境下,常州環康本著以保護人民生命健康安全、助力新冠疫情防控的宗旨,積極調動公司各項資源,在短時間內投產了醫用口罩、民用口罩、KN95、熔噴布、熱風棉等疫情防控物資,并積極申請各類國內外認證,目前公司已經取得了CE、FDA等認證,進入了商務部和中國醫保商會出口醫用口罩白名單,針對KN95的歐盟PPE的CE認證也在積極辦理中。 本公司現可提供: A. 一次性非滅菌醫用口罩EN14683:2019 (進入商務部+中國醫保商會白名單)出口質量、供貨能力有保證 B. 一次性民用口罩 C....
    Dear Employees, All clients and End users of Huankang Medical, Thank you for your hard work and support in 2019, which is a year full of challenge, opportunity and improvements. In 2019, we successfully extended our CE certificate to 2024. We attended MEDICA 2019 in Germany and CHEXPO 2019 in...
    Huankang Medical Attended CHEXPO 2019 CHEXPO 2019 Nov.27 to Nov.29, @Jarkata, Indonesia Indonesia is one of the largest market in the world. Huankang Medical is actively looking for distributors and partners from Indonesia. We are open to any kind of cooperation in Indonesia market. Please...
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